Artists Profiles

Monnar Baldemor
A seeker of truth, Monnar seeks to cleave life’s falsehoods through unreality.  His work is partly anthropomorphic and part social commentary.

Louie Tolentino
Ensconced in the school of neo-classicism, her flower and lace figures attest the riches of the ages.  Color and Light come together in sacred harmony.

Caloy Gabuco
Gabuco’s vision is youth and beauty personified in an ethereal atmosphere.  Even the simplest of human figures acquires wonder under Caloy’s magic touch.

Manuel D. Baldemor
A visionary dreamer and a prolific artist, his work extends beyond Philippine shores into the International Global Village.  Because of his humble beginnings, he chooses to remain the people’s artist.

Melencio Sapnu Jr.
Melencio’s power comes from the light, which descends in near-divine manner.  Coupled with traditional Vigan structures and the inner wonders of nature, he conveys the graces of the old world.

Antonio Bandalan
Bandalan’s garden is ever perennial with a touch of suggestive fragrance.  The lack of human figures implies a mysterious otherworldly beauty.

Angelo Baldemor
The goods of the earth are reproduced with rainbow clarity under Angelo’s skillful hands.  He continues the woodworking tradition of Paete, Laguna.

Herzon Dela Rosa
Herzon employs opposing colors in his landscape themes creating a sense of mystery.  Combined with the occasional mythological element, his work encompasses heaven and earth.

Rhea Dela Rosa
Rhea is a weaver of the green, of texture interlaced with implied freshness.  Her floral masterpieces display the patterns of nature.

Rollie D. Yusi
Inspired by the Fauvrean tradition, Rollie’s style has evolved from French impressionistic landscape to a more native decorum.  Her works have the precision and pure colors of a beautiful mosaic.

Slim Torres
Master of the Filipino Genre, his works completely embodies the mindset of the Filipino psyche. His glorification of the Filipina figure
gives his style distinction.

Platon Varquez
Stoic in his vision, his rough-edged cubist style has no soft spots. The opposite of Torres, he focuses on the male and the flow of exertion.

Fred Ramirez
Ramirez is a traveler of wisdom in search of cosmic references. His abstract works are simply stellar and contemplative.