Wonderful World by Wilfredo Rufon – December 5 – 26, 2018

Wonderful World (written by Bill Perez)
In the book of Genesis,  God created the earth and its heaven and all forms of life in six days. The creative acts of each day are described. Then God creates man,  both male and female and in His own image. 
The creation of a painting works as much the same way.  Starting from a blank canvas, the painter uses his talent with the help of paints and brushes and creates a beautiful masterpiece. 
The Lord gave free will to man to discern what is right and wrong,  what is beautiful and ugly,  and what is pleasing and brings joy to His eyes. The world and everything in it is a gift from God,  a natural blessing which we should use wisely for our own consumption and well being. It is for this purpose that God created the earth.  He wants us to enjoy the bounties of His blessings and be happy and content. 
The artist Wilfredo Rufon sees himself as a faithful servant of God. However simply he leads his life he remains thankful for all his blessings and is content with what he has.  Living quietly and fulfilling his artistic career in Puerto Galers,  Mindoro (the paradise that he knows)  he paints the wonders of God’s creation the way he sees it. 
In his 2nd solo exhibit offering titled ” WONDERFUL WORLD”, Rufon pays tribute to His creator and the provider of His talent.  The works are living testament to his faith and unending gratitude for all the bauty which abounds him.  From the lush greeneries of the land,  the flora and fauna,  the bountiful sea, and the ever changing kaleidoscope colored skies,  he is able to weave if not duplicate God’s creation in his works. They may not be perfect recereations but he hopes that they please his creator for the talent that He gave him. 
Rufon further states thatseeing the beauty in God’s creation is a personal choice or a state of mind.  While others would choose to see the ugliness in this world,  he positively insists in seeing the beauty around him. After all,  they are perfect creations of God.  It is the ruthlesness of man which destroys our blessed land,  our natural surrounding. 
Life is beautiful!  And it is a wonderful world we live in. Let us join the artist Wilfredo Rufon and see through his eyes how amazing and wonderful our world is!