Galerie Y at Manilart 2018

For 25 years, Galerie Y has provided a standard for art excellence, maintaining a carefully measured balance between commonality by bringing art to the masses and the fashionable by providing answers to questions that would be considered too gauche to mention through artistic expression.

Our commitment of 25 years is maintained thanks to the body of serious and professional multi talented artists under our banner as well as the devoted collectors and investors who supported us over the decades.

Galerie Y’s featured artists for Manilart 2018 is as follows:

Manuel Baldemor

Kitty Taniguchi

Demetrio Dela Cruz

Caloy Gabuco

Melencio Sapnu Jr.

Antonio Bandalan

Rollie Yusi

Ted Peñaflor

Mario Parial

Benhur Villanueva