Open Space at Nova Gallery

For the month of December, Nova Gallery will be featuring its year-ender group show entitled 

“OPEN SPACE” featuring 13 young and aspiring artists – whom of which have been making a buzz in the local pop-art scene. These artists are:

Mr. S
Pat Frades
Miggy Crisostomo
Jeff Baligad
Jasper Albay
Rai Cruz
Dr Karayom

Exhibition opens Dec. 18th (SAT) at 5PM and will run till Jan 8, 2016.

About the Exhibition:

Most of the time we create a space inside our minds that involuntarily forms different worlds that drift us away from reality. Some people use this space to escape and to be free. Others visualize it as a playground where they can fulfill their dreams and fantasy. Focusing on the present is for the norm however each of us has our own ideal fantasies that open the windows of our mind. It rekindles our past and it remakes our future. Every fantasy emerges within us to be part of a different state.

“Open Space” is a group exhibition compose of fourteen artists namely Mr. S, Pat Frades, Jasper Albay, Jeff Baligad, Miggy Crisostomo, AADA, Lougee, Tyang, Rai Cruz, Quatro, Dr. Karayom, Blic, Yeng Cruz and Humbly. The artists developed their own fantasy with the use of different mediums such as oil, acrylic and watercolor. Each piece represents scenes from experiences and preferences that will connect through our audience. 

– Pat Frades