PETA opens its doors to theater hopefuls with Workshop Weekends 2

With four classes overflowing with students and professionals looking to take hold of creative pursuits, PETA opened its first of three Workshop Weekends cycles this July 25 at the PETA Theater Center studios.

Workshop Weekends is a series of theater workshops for students and adults. Specially designed for individuals with busy lifestyles, it features ten extensive sessions on the weekends, with three exciting courses to choose from: Theater Arts, Basic Acting, and Creative Musical Theater.

If you missed the first cycle, you need not worry. Workshop Weekends is back for its second cycle this October 10 to December 6. 

Each course incorporates PETA’s Integrated Theater Arts Approach, which combines five different disciplines in theater— creative drama, body movement and dance, creative sound and music, creative writing and visual arts —creating for a well-rounded course suited for theater enthusiasts as well as individuals looking for more creative ways of spending the weekends.

Theater Arts I

For ages 17 and up, immerse in an artistic experience that teaches the fundamental knowledge, skills, and attitudes in theater acting, dramatic improvisation, and theater production craft.

Basic Acting

For ages 18 and up, discover the disciplines of acting by learning the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude in becoming stage actors. Enhance your acting tools by exploring different acting styles and principles.

Creative Musical Theater

For ages 16 and up, explore the fine arts of musical theater by experiencing the elements of musical performance, composition, and production. Understand the harmonization of the different fields that make a successful musical production.

Enroll now and avail of special discounts! For more information on PETA and its workshops, contact us at 725 6244 or email us at You may also contact Tina Sablayan at 0905 369 6003 PETA is located at No. 5 Eymard Drive, New Manila, Quezon City.