A Solo Exhibit by Nunelucio Alvarado @ Ysobel Art Gallery

Putting into faces the re-working of perception and subjectivity, Nunelucio Alvarado delivers an exhibit entitled “Byutipul” (Filipinized form of the word beautiful). The celebrated Negrense artist will be displaying over thirty artworks in Ysobel Gallery from August 15 to 26, 2015. In this series Alvarado reflects how society understands and interprets identity more than showing its physiological imitation.

BYUTIPUL articulates themes that focus on the appearance of idea;

Face perception allows people to function efficiently in a social and communal environment. It is crucial to identify, for instance, expressions of distaste or pleasure, cultural history or some pathological implications. The exhibit, however, re-examines this simple act of looking at a person; what are we longing to see in one another? What goes on in the depth of observing each other’s features- flaws, assets and all? Is appreciation something spontaneous, or is it strictly built and predetermined by our ideologies?

In contrast to a poet who puts pictures into words, Alvarado is a lyricist of image. But like a poet his projections of reality are encrypted with metaphors. He reprepares the obvious into something less familiar; allowing more space for introspection. This lets his works border around his playful intentions.

The artist navigates by impulse. He goes about working within and beyond his reality by freeing his creative process from the isolation of a self. The natural is simply shown as evaluated through distorted eyes. We become the spectators of his contemplations; how he captures emotion and presents it directly without the theatrical drama. It is in this kind of contemplation that we, as both listeners to his visual narratives and beholders of his abstract expressions, are drawn to ask; how does one find beauty? How do we point it out apart from its absence? In this same manner, one would wonder; what is not beautiful at all?

Alvarado takes beauty itself as his subject- a faceless muse. He does not give it identity. He does not prefer exposing it as a recognizable whole either. It is placed spontaneously in a clutter of figures; prodding viewers to seek whatever beautiful may be through the context of personal experience or memory. So that, after all the queries, while beauty can be caught between glimpses of things, Alvarado proposes it only exists everywhere our minds allow.”

The exhibit will be on view from August 15 – 26, 2015 at YSOBEL Art Gallery, 2nd flr. Shops at Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

For more information you may call 09285071117/09332227952/ 5764758 or email mark.sancheztiongco@gmail.com.