A Cultural Study Tour by Museum Foundation of the Philippines

A Cultural Study Tour of Gota de Leche, FEU, San Sebastian Basilica
and Bahay Nakpil Manila
4 July 2015, Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Organized by the Museum Foundation of the Philippines, Inc.
Member’s Fee: Php 1,500 / Non-Members Php 1,800
Inclusive of transportation, lunch, merienda, entrance fees and tour guides

Join the MFPI for a cultural study tour of four notable structures in Manila’s University Belt!

Gota de Leche which means “drop of milk” was founded in 1906 to feed children who were victims of the Philippine American War. Its feeding program has continued without any interruption until today. The heritage building designed by the architects Arcadio and Juan Arellano was completed in 1914. The building is modelled after Brunelleschi’s Ospedale degli Innocenti, Florence, and is considered a successful adaptation of Italian Renaissance architecture to the tropics. It has three markers from the National Historical Commission and a UNESCO Asia-Pacific Cultural Heritage Award. Architect Augusto “Toti” Villalon will tour the group here.

Far Eastern University was founded in 1928 as the Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance to enable Filipinos to take a four year course in Accountancy, which was previously unavailable in the country. The complex houses five exemplary Art Deco buildings designed by National Artist Pablo Antonio between the years 1939 to 1950, marking the architect’s personal transition from Art Deco to the International style. For the preservation of these buildings and the blending of newer ones with them, FEU received the 2005 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Award for Culture Heritage Conservation. Beyond the buildings, FEU also has rare works by other National Artists such as Vicente Manansala, Fernando Amorsolo, Carlos “Botong” Francisco and Napoleon Abueva. Martin Lopez, FEU President’s Committee on Culture Director and also an MFPI Trustee will tour the group along with members of the FEU Guides, an organization composed of students from the University’s Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management.

San Sebastian Basilica is one of only a few all-metal churches of this scale in the world, and the only all-metal building in the Philippines. The building’s metal parts were forged in Belgium, transported on nine steamships, and assembled locally in Quiapo. Another notable feature of this church is its original interiors from 1891, one of the last remaining authentic church interiors in the country. The basilica has 56 stained glass windows (over 300 square meters in area) and embellished with over 100 figural paintings, and with background of painted metal in masonry faux finishes. The basilica corroding heavily, which poses a unique set of conservation challenges. The tour is given by Tina Paterno, a conservator for historic buildings. She has spent the last decade as a conservator, including work on the United Nations Complex, Apollo Theater, and Metropolitan Museum of Art, all in New York. She is the Executive Director of San Sebastian Basilica Conservation and Development Foundation, Inc., and is an MFPI trustee.

Bahay Nakpil was built in 1914 on land where two Nakpil houses previously stood. A typical Filipino house, it was built with bricks on the ground floor and wood on the second to withstand earthquakes. From a Viennese furniture set given as a gift by the Prietos to Dr. Ariston Bautista and Dña. Petrona Nakpil, the couple asked Architect Arcadio Arellano to pattern the Art Nouveau / Viennese Secession influence on the mansion. Volunteers will conduct the tour. 

Proposed Itinerary
8:00 am Call Time, Sanctuario de San Antonio Church, Forbes Park, Makati City
8:30 am Leave Makati
9:30 am Arrive at Gota de Leche Heritage Building, S.H. Loyola Street, Sampaloc, Manila
10:30 am Leave Gota de Leche; Walk to FEU
11:00 am Arrive at FEU, N. Reyes Street, Sampaloc, Manila
12:00 nn Lunch in FEU
1:00 pm Leave FEU; Go to San Sebastian
1:15 pm Arrive at San Sebastian Basilica
2:45 pm Leave San Sebastian
3:00 pm Arrive at Bahay Nakpil; Tour
4:00 pm Merienda at Bahay Nakpil
5:00 pm Leave for Makati
6:00 pm ETA Makati

For more inquiries, call 404-2685 (Elvie Magpayo/Mae de Leon), 697-9509 (Elvie),
or text/call 0949 3338211 (Elvie), 0927 8484680 (Mae).