"Normal Abnormal": 2nd Solo Show by Frelan Gonzaga @ YSOBEL Art Gallery

Here’s To The Crazy Ones

Frelan Gonzaga’s “Normal Abnormal” is a collection inspired by how Philippine society treats its mentally ill.

It revolves around themes such as the artist’s experience in dealing with a violent and mentally ill uncle, and how living with such a person became part of his normal life. It also deals with the common sight of an unusually great number of the disturbed and unbalanced roaming the streets of Bacolod City. The pieces also explore the people who choose to be “crazy”: they who embrace a lifestyle with extreme dedication, uncommon to most.

As a whole, the paintings allow us to confront these themes up close, and pose the question: how are we as a society with how we treat those who see reality differently?

“Normal Abnormal”, Frelan Gonzaga’s second one-man show will be featured at YSOBEL Art Gallery, 2nd Floor Shops at Serendra BGC Taguig from May 9 – 20, 2014. For more information, please contact Mark S. Tiongco at 09285071117/ mark.sancheztiongco@gmail.com.