The Heat Show at Sigwada Art Gallery

Rezureccion Art Project in partnership with Sigwada Art Gallery

” H E A T “

Opening on March 29, 2014
6:00 PM | Sigwada Art Gallery
2212 Nakar Street, San Andres Bukid, Manila

Entrance Fee: P1.00

Featuring the works of:
Frances Abrigo | Dave Alcon | Daniel Aligaen | Mark Arcamo | Jes Aznar | The Badger | Kean Barrameda | Marius Black | Francis Bejar | Bibi Belgica | Miggy Borja | Abbey Calucin | Jonathan Cena | Emard Cañedo | Jhom Centeno | Kim Cinco | Levi Cruz | Mideo Cruz | Rai Cruz | Chesca Co | Sarah Co | DAX | Leo dela Rosa | Maku Felix | Nii Foronda | Jane Fortuna | Josef Fortuna | Isobel Angeli Sy Francisco | Eleanor Giron | Shalimar Gonzaga | Mike Herrera | Luis Hernandes | Aleja Infante | Ina Jardiolin | Lester Jamorabo | Gino Dantes Javier | Jonathan Joven | Elli KillingwithCuteness | Bon Labora | Toby Leyba | Tootoots Leyesa | Abbie Madamba | Alfran Marfil | Surge Mark III | Piaget Martelino | Kaye Martinez | Sara Martinez | Merry Mary | Leida Membrere | Buhay Mendoza | Roby Mendoza | Angel Milabo | Angelo Padilla | Janno Padilla | Tamara Piranha | Expi Perez | Fatima Potenciano | Lorenz Pring | Guacrico Ramos | Iya Regalario | Paeng Rolluqui | Ku Romillo | Adz Rosales | Paolo Rosero | Carriel Ann Santos III | Ed San | Ayra Sayat | Eko Silverio | Rem San Pedro | Jooley Shen | Troy Silvestre | Eko Silverio | Niai Sola | Stephanie Tan | Janelle Tang | Rasel Trinidad | Joum Valera | Chris Verayo | Marija Vicente | Lhean Villanueva | Mark Vilanueva | Cha Roque | Mek Yambao

Organized by Recci Bacolor, Hubert Gariando, Sharla O’Hara and Bryan Araneta

Coincide with the launching of The HEAT Zine

With live musical performances, poetry recitals, performance art and graffiti.

Exhibition last until April 26, 2014
For more info visit Rezureccion Art Project
or email

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Organization Partners: Agimat: Sining at Kulturang Pinoy / Kanto

Disrobing Desires and Naughty Provoking Thoughts
by Philip Paraan

“Sex sells!”, is an advertising mantra that has proven its hold on language of commercial experience. The objecthood of sex and intimacy—whether norm or as the objective itself has been teeming in porn/movies, in the pervy covers and centerfolds of FHM and Playboy and seen in the cult following of Abante’s Xerex as sources of cheap thrills, emotions sexual thoughts.

Straddling between an orgasmic Freudian party and an intimate pillow talk, here is an art show that reveals a breakdown of the grammar of sex and how it is viewed in between and beyond private fantasies and erotic curiosities of men and women as sexual beings.

Welcome to a steaming and naughty romp on sex and sexuality put into forms, visual and tactile, pointing to bodily seductions and objects of desires. These artistic propositions are legible grids of thinking and introspection on the much tabooed topic of carnal pleasures and simultaneous desires of men and women, real and fictional.

Although, erotically charged and filled with sensual underpinnings, the show is a spectrum of necessarily permissive and intrusive views which identify and humanize the mechanics of animal desires and will to physical pleasures.

More than a peek at a sex circus, it engages a witty repartee, a flirting of an intellectually-connotated sex talk about behavioral roles, and sexual mores and influences of pop culture which throb and judder at each artwork.