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Thank you for supporting Art Radar by taking our short online survey. We appreciate the loyalty and engagement you and all our 15000 monthly subscribers have shown us since we established the site in 2008. We have enjoyed every minute of it and now we want to check in with you to find out how you would like the site to evolve in the future

We would like to learn two things:

  • First we want to hear loud and clear how we can improve Art Radar. Tell us what you like and what you don’t like. We want to hear all your ideas about what new features or content you might like to see on Art Radar so that we can take your ideas on board as we move forward
  • Secondly, the site design and functionality are groaning with age after 5 years and much needs updating. We want to give the site a fresh new face and structure to match our content and to do this we need your support to attract sponsorship – Don’t worry, we will not be taking any money from art-related organisations because our editorial independence is extremely important to us. Ideally we would like to attract discreet sponsorship from luxury brands or investment companies – your answers will be vital for attracting sponsors and improving the future of Art Radar

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