Swatch Presents: Rodel Tapaya


Swatch unveils a series of special exhibits for Art Fair Philippines 2014

In the imaginarium of Rodel Tapaya, mythology looms large. It evokes for him the lush imagery of the Philippine primeval, a forest of signs that are “taken for wonders” from the perspective of the equally perplexing present. Such a disposition is affirmed by studies in the archaeology of the region that trace concepts of ancestry to notions of ecology, specifically of plant life, and how it flourishes in rhizomes of relations. In the language of Bahasa Indonesia, the word alamat is address; in our lexicon, it is legend. In both senses of these meanings, address is irreducibly origin. And this is what the artist has been keen to probe in many of his excursions into the dense foliage of precedence: everything is before us in many ways.

Excerpted from Rodel Tapaya
By Dr. Patrick D. Flores

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