Great Ghastly – group show

Great Ghastly   group show

May 9 | 6pm
Exhibition runs from
May 9 – 23, 2012

Main gallery

Great Ghastly at Artinformal convenes multiple voices addressing a variation of the single artistic format of Drawing. The artists are a group of angry, angsty (young-ish) men at the verge of a vacillant Eden – whose works contain a reverberation of suspended youth and a strong sense of Coming-of-Age, a strong sense of a coming of Something. Victor Balanon, Allan Balisi, Buen Calubayan, Ernest Concepcion, Kiko Escora, David Griggs, England Hidalgo, Jacob Lindo, Okto, Ian Quirante, Mark Salvatus, Gani Simpliciano, Marvin Tojos, Alvin Zafra, and Costantino Zicarelli are not surveying particular trends in drawing. Neither is Great Ghastly about following a contemporary investigation of the activity’s formal limitations. They look at Drawing as an act, a collaborative tool, a study, a surface, a trace, and most of all a compulsion to run counter to everyone’s interests except theirs. It is in this compulsion that bootleg chapters and materials of an artistic practice regain a crucial dimension to artists’ other interests and inclinations which inform their works as a whole.

The spectacle in Great Ghastly is made up of good omens – Generation X and music genres detonated, arbitrary topography and black and white redux, plus the grey areas kept as if they are ledgers of an analysand. Great Ghastly is initiated by Sidd Perez and Costantino Zicarelli.