Melvin Lee Teaches PETA’s Basic Acting Course


MANILA, Philippines – Melvin Lee is one of the most successful actors in the Philippine theater scene today. Critics have distinguished his recent performance as Chelsea in PETA’s “Care Divas” as a “standout” among other performances of this year. He was also superb as Doctor Beau Batoctol, in PETA’s “Skin Deep” and as Sabel in Agnes Locsin’s “Sayaw Sabel”.

When he is not performing on stage, Lee is found shooting commercials as a freelance assistant director in advertising. He also directs plays, concerts and events. Between his many jobs that require him to act and direct, Lee finds time to do what he loves doing – teaching theater.

Lee’s first experience in acting started when he was a young teenager who joined the PETA’s Summer Teen Theater Workshop. After more than twenty years with the company, he is now known to be one of the company’s more illustrious artist-teachers. Every summer, Lee crosses four weeks off his busy calendar to teach in PETA’s Summer Theater Arts Workshop held at the PETA Theater Center in New Manila, Quezon City.

“I continue to teach because if we want to have a continuous flow of new breed of actors they need training and guidance. I was once a young person too, and it’s my turn to give back to the next generation. The workshop also gives me the chance to experiment as a director and it validates my knowledge as a practicing actor”, Lee shares.

This April, Lee is teaching PETA’s Basic Acting Workshop, a course for adults (17 and up) designed to provide basic knowledge, skills and attitudes for budding stage actors. Students, regardless of their experience, are taught through acting games, movement and scene work. The workshop focuses on stage presence, voice projection, movement, character building and analysis, working with a scene partner, and creating their original pieces.

Aside from Basic Acting, PETA also offers other courses like Children’s Theater, Teen Theater, Theater Arts, Creative Musical Theater and Creative Dance Theater. Starting March, Lee is also preparing for his comeback as Chelsea, for the first-ever performance of “Care Divas” at Greenbelt, Onstage this April 27-29, 2012, produced through the partnership of PETA and Repertory Philippines.

For more information regarding PETA’s workshops, contact 725-6244, 410-0821 or 0906-2115003, 0917-5391112 or e-mail