Silverlens in Art in the Park

Silverlens will be featuring artworks by:

Pio Abad
Zean Cabangis
Frank Callaghan
Johann Espiritu
Corinne De San Jose
Dina Gadia
Luis Lorenzana
Rachel Rillo
Isabel “Pepper” Roxas
Tatong Torres
Ryan Villamael

Come February 18, 2012, the familiar white tents of Art In The Park will once again dot the grounds of Jaime Velasquez Park in Salcedo Village, Makati. Now in its fifth year, this annual art fair still stays true to its intent of making art more accessible by taking it out of the hushed, intimidating confines of the gallery, and bringing it to the unrestricted spaces of the outdoors. Visitors can stroll the grounds and browse the art on offer against a backdrop of trees and sky.

From 2 p.m. to 12 midnight, art aficionados, collectors, or just the plain curious can pop into any one of the tents and, perhaps, come away with pieces that are not only beautiful, but easy on the pocket as well. In keeping with its tagline “an affordable art fair,” Art In The Park has capped its prices at P30,000. The majority of the pieces, however, are pegged at way less than this ceiling price.

Art In The Park, a project of the Museum Foundation of the Philippines, whose programs support the National Museum and its network, had its beginnings in 2006. With just three tents and 12 exhibitors then, the number of participants has grown over time. This year, Art In The Park will have more than 40 exhibitors, showcasing a trove of works — paintings, prints, sculptures, photographs — from artists that range from the established, the emerging, and the new. With a diverse and impressive selection of galleries, art groups, and fine arts schools, the line-up of participants this year will include, among others, Tin-Aw Art Gallery, Avellana Art Gallery, Art Verite, FEATI, and TutoK. For the first time, as well, the National Museum will have its own space, giving its staff the opportunity to show off their own artistic talents.

Visitors who have frequented Art In The Park know to look forward to installations in the park grounds or special exhibits mounted by guest artists. In the past, visitors have marveled at Leeroy New’s surreal balete tree and, one year, engaged with his playful aliens; they have been intrigued by the ghostly swings of Lea Lim hung in an archway from the branches of trees, and charmed by the witty scrap metal sculptures of Pete Jimenez. Welcoming visitors to the park this year will be surreal pieces from acclaimed Bacolod artist Charlie Co. Leeroy New embarks on another special project, showcasing his wearable sculpture. And, like last year, in conjunction with the art fair, establishments around the park will also host their own events, with, this time, an exhibit of Kim Atienza’s personal collection of paintings at The Picasso nearby.

Silverlens will be located at Booth H
February 18, 2012 (Saturday)
2pm- 12mn
Jaime Velasquez Park, Salcedo Village, Makati City

Image: Isabel “Pepper” Roxas, Notecards, 2011

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