Pinoy Fauvist hits the town with “Out of Town”

Pinoy Fauvist hits the town with Out of Town

Pinoy Fauvist hits the town with Out of Town


Pinoy Fauvist hits the town with Out of Town


Bonifacio Global City, METRO MANILA – Dec 6, 2011 – Pinoy artist Jake Catah lights up the town this December 9, 2011, 6pm with his 5th solo exhibit, “Out of Town” at the Ysobel Art Gallery, 2nd floor, The Shops at Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Catah, 36, is a self-described Fauvist. His latest work reflects the colorful vibrancy of his favored genre but with tinges of surrealism thrown in for good measure.

“I suppose there are hints of Dali in there,” says Catah, referring to the Spanish surrealist painter. “But it’s all Filipino as far as I’m concerned. I may be influenced by western styles but my aim is to preserve Filipino culture and traditions through my artwork. It’s one of my missions as a Filipino artist – to uphold Filipino dignity.”

“Out of Town” is certainly Filipino. Its focus is the all-familiar road trip, something Pinoys can readily identify with. From twisting rides through the Philippine countryside to mind-bending airplane rides through the urban sky, Catah captures the quintessential Pinoy activity – traveling – with a deft eye and incisive heart.

“I create moments I would like to cherish,” he explains. “And I want my viewers to feel a positive outlook in life too – which is why my paintings are vividly colored and subjects are family and love. With ‘Out of Town’, however, I’m not only making feel-good moments. I’m exploring the theme of traveling and movement, whether it’s the physical experience of driving with the wind in your hair, or the spiritual change we all experience as we live and journey through life.”

Catah’s work, like the theme of his exhibit, is also evolving. “I’ve been painting for 12 years now. It’s all I do. And I’m happy for the progress and success I’ve been given. ‘Out of Town’ is probably a reflection of my own voyage as a human being, my own travels up steep hills and down winding roads. It’s a journey I’m enjoying and I hope others have as much fun experiencing my work as I have creating it.”

“Out of Town” runs from the 9th to the 22nd of December. For inquiries, please call/email 09285071117, 09332227952 or

About: Ysobel Art Gallery started last March 2011. It is home to a vast collection of art work from various established and upcoming artists. Its collection leans more towards contemporary art.

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