Young Artists’ Studio Presents Vignettes Art Exhibit

YOUNG ARTISTS’ STUDIO invites everyone to join its art students in another art exhibit entitled VIGNETTES, opening on Saturday (November 26, 5pm-7pm) at Chef’s Bistro Scout Gandia cor. Tomas Morato Quezon City.


It is the instance of creation that satisfies a young artist’s yearning for a union with art. It signals certainty and welcomes his/her desire to make the process an integral part of a life linked to art. This instance adheres to a prospect of revelation, piece by piece, creation after creation, an episode after another and then another…then another…

To forward the next instances, the young artist re/constructs from the traces of other instances from his/her mentor, the masters, colleagues, and from his/her own trails. There are attempts to imprint a style derived from history, or an encampment of one’s character and aspiration, or an improved version of a previous work. The act is to follow the tracks to make sure the next instances are as fulfilling, if not more, than the first. Yet each act is distinct and memorable.

In this exhibit, you’ll see beyond portraits, still lifes, landscapes and patterns, a collection of stories of discovery. It is a conjunction of multiple parcels of narratives that mark beginnings continuing to a life-long height of creation. And the objects – such tangible scenes of these trails, go further than a viewer’s sight, thought or even emotions. The denouement awaits.

Vignettes: YAS Students’ Exhibit
Chef’s Bistro, Sct. Gandia Quezon City
November 26 to December 5, 2011

The Young Artists’ Studio (YAS) is a venue for young artists to learn art production at an early age. YAS is managed by art practitioners with a vision to develop young artists who will contribute to the art community in the near future. YAS believes the art is a powerful tool to influence communities, improve lives, and transform the society.

For more information about the exhibit, please contact YAS through the following:

964-5951 / 09175685939