A Tour of The Basilica of San Sebastian and Environs

A Tour of The Basilica of San Sebastian and Environs
A study tour of the all-steel church and nearby points of interest

Organized by the Museum Foundation of the Philippines
Saturday, February 5, 2011
10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Fee for Members: Php 1,100.00
Fee for Non-members: Php 1,200.00
*The fee includes the cost of transportation, entrance fees and a simple lunch

Built in 1891, San Sebastian Basilica in Quiapo, Manila is the only all-steel building in the country, and only one of a few all-steel churches in the world. The steel was forged in Belgian foundries (by the same holding company that produced the Orient Express), and shipped to Manila. The basilica is now severely corroding. Over 36 kilos of steel parts have already fallen from corrosion. An international team of conservators, structural engineers, corrosion scientists, metallurgists, architects, historians, have banded together to study the basilica’s problems and find solutions to prolong the lifespan of this building. Historical conservationist Ms. Tina Paterno will talk about the Church’s history and current preservation efforts.

10:00 Leave meeting place of Sanctuario de San Antonio Church in Forbes Park, Makati City
11:00 Arrive at La Gota de Leche building on Sergio Loyola Street for a brief tour of this historic restored structure.
11:30 Arrive at the Bahay Nakpil-Bautista. A tour of the historic home followed by a simple lunch of Quiapo area specialties.
12:30 Short walk to San Sebastian Church via R. Hidalgo, one of Quiapo’s well-known streets, stopping by some old structures.
1:00 Arrive at San Sebastian. Tour of the church and belfry (a walk up some winding and narrow stairs), for those so inclined.
2:30 Back to Sanctuario de San Antonio in Makati.

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