Utopia: Idyllic Vistas by Art Sanctuary

Utopia: Idyllic Vistas
By Art Sanctuary

August 6, 2010 – October 30, 2010

Great artists transform what they see into images that take us to other times and distant places.

In Utopia: Idyllic Vistas, renowned Filipino artists Fernando Amorsolo, Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo, Prudencio Lamarroza, Vicente Manansala, Hernando Ocampo, and Juvenal Sanso take us into an exploratory tour of diverse styles and techniques that reveal how different their vision can be from another’s, and how our imagination is captured with their great artistry.

About the Art Sanctuary
Utopia is an exhibit presented by the Art Sanctuary, a new commercial art gallery that presents works from acknowledged masters of Philippine art. Hosted by the Water Dragon Gallery at RCBC Plaza, the Art Sanctuary is guaranteed to elicit admiration from the discerning collector and art enthusiast.

About the Water Dragon Gallery
The Water Dragon Gallery at RCBC Plaza is a space dedicated to offering fine artworks for sale. Located at the second floor of the Yuchengco Museum, the gallery is open Monday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For gallery information, e-mail thewaterdragon@yuchengcomuseum.org.