D2R by Jojo Lofranco @ BlueLine Gallery

Jojo Lofranco
BlueLine Gallery
October 2 – 23, 2010
Jojo Lofranco Merges Manga and Abstraction

D2R, Jojo Lofranco’s latest one-man exhibition of works in acrylic on canvas at BlueLine Gallery, seamlessly merges pop art, abstraction, and expressionism. The show runs from October 2 – 23.

In D2R, Lofranco appropriates images taken from Japanese comics (manga), transforming these into paintings where texts and colors, gestures, and textures are juxtaposed to create multi-layered works.

Lofranco presents portraits of characters—familiar or alien, depending if one is an anime fan or not—rendered all the more real by the rush and tangle of paint and texture. Images and texts are straightforward: snippets of conversations and short phrases are appropriated as titles for the individual works. D2R’s paintings set a meeting point between two distinct visual traditions: abstraction from the world of art galleries and museums; and comics, in the commercial realm of popular culture.

Lofranco’s exhibition is an experiment in reality and representation, where the artist alters images to reveal a deeper range of perceptions, metaphors and narratives. The artist aims to create works where he can explore “the familiar structure of things” and where “the familiar takes on a new aspect in abstraction”, as he himself describes it.

D2R will be on view at BlueLine Gallery, 4th Flr. Rustan’s Makati from October 2 – 23, 2010. For inquiries, contact Alex at 09175347835