Velvet Landing – art exhibit by Lena Cobangbang

Velvet Landing is an offshoot of Lena Cobangbang’s previous series Crater Valley Plateau where she has taken pictures of maquettes of mountains, volcanoes and plains carpeted in synthetic polyester. This time she rolls out bales of carpet plains in recreating her very own idiosyncratic comedic garden of errors, where midget clowns are struck by lightning and panthers hide in the artifice of plushy softness. Not so much as a commentary on the failings of urban planning in simulating plains of terrain vagues that are the wanton byproducts of abandoned construction projects, but rather a re-enchantment of such wanton spots as being these wonderland of dark comedies rife of smirking metaphors.

still no grass paintings.

Many thanks to Mawen, Manuel, David, Lost Projects, Adeline, Mackol, JJ, Sam, Pow, Bea, MM, the rest of the Bastards,Masi, Tin, Pritz, Albert, Hubert, apid, roy, enteng, James, Jerome, Jameson, the barbers on Major Dizon, Finale, my family , ….and im sure there will be more people i have to thank for

Opens :Saturday at 6:00pm – September 26 at 12:00am

aug28 – sept 26, 2010
cocktail hours : the usual time, soon as the sun sets

Location: mo_space hi street, fort bonifacio, taguig

Lena Cobangbang

Velvet Landing

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