Heretical Science by IC Jaucian

With his eyes cast on the question of hidden dimensions, or else the dimensions that lie beyond the 3 dimensions perceivable or measurable by the human mind, Ian Carlo Jaucian embarks on his first solo exhibition Heretical Science at the Small Gallery of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, and attempts to find, not just ways to ‘see’ these dimensions but also what these could mean for us.

To be heretical implies dissension or differentiation from established doctrine, granting that the existence of hidden dimensions can neither be proven nor disproven and therefore there is no scientific law or principle for it. Jaucian’s work may very well echo scientific methods as he employs art to experiment on, explore and investigate what is for now impossible to know. Yet this is just the tip of his transgressions even as he acknowledges this contradiction: that the mind cannot accurately perceive the actual nature of things and yet it is capable of understanding spatial concepts beyond the perception of the senses.

Heresies run against absolutes as the mind is undeterred at forming its own possibilities. In Heretical Science, the unknown is reflected through installations of 2D and 3D works; what is abstract is rendered into the representational. Art counters the veneration of expression and instead we find a confluence of both system and play. These are works that recall the science of illustrated textbooks, of museum field trips, of those educational programs that inspired us as children to dream of being physicists and geologists. That we are brought into this discourse on perception through the aesthetics of our primary encounters with science are part of this exhibit’s heretical operation. Imagination, to paraphrase Einstein, is more important than knowledge. Indeed, art and science form rich playgrounds for such creative and constructive imaginings.

Ian Carlo Jaucian is a graduate of the UP College of Fine Arts, and was one of its Outstanding Thesis grantees in 2008. He currently works as Exhibition Coordinator for the Ateneo Art Gallery.

Heretical Science opens on Thursday, August 26, 2010 at 6:00pm. The exhibit is open to the public and will run until October 02, 2010. Viewing hours are from 10:00am-6:00pm daily except Mondays and Holidays.

Opens on August 26 Thursday at 6:00pm – October 2 at 6:00pm

CCP Bulwagang Fernando Amorsolo (Small Gallery ) Roxas Boulevard Pasay City , Philippines

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