2nd Pandayang Lino Brocka Political Film and New Media Festival

Filming the basic right to live
The 2nd Pandayang Lino Brocka Political Film and New Media Festival

The human rights issues of today. These are the subjects of the films showcased in the 2nd Pandayang Lino Brocka Political Film and New Media Festival.

A selection on the theme of economic, social and cultural rights reveal Filipino workers, migrants and indigenous people’s plight and encapsulates the people’s basic right to livelihood. Roberto Reyes Ang’s Letters from Alaska delves into a migrant worker’s musings on leaving his country for economic gain while Ilang Quijano’s Kababayang Kalakal offers a stark reality of the many deported, incarcerated and abused Filipino migrant workers in scrutiny of the country’s labor export policy. Rosswil Hilario’s Kibo shares through sights and sounds the wearisome search for a job in a country of high unemployment while Richard Legaspi’s Kinulayang Kiti seeks justice for workers killed in their economic struggles with their employers. (see complete list of selected films below)

Meanwhile, works on political and civil rights depict the culture of impunity in the country; the rampant and unresolved political killings and enforced disappearances remain unabated. Kodao Productions’ Hamon ng Panahon portrays church workers dedication to organize and live among the people and how this has made them targets of the government’s anti-insurgency campaign. Pam Miras’ short film Wag Kang Titingin dramatizes the destruction of domestic life and life itself in a militarized rural town. Manie Magbanua’s Handum, a pioneering Kinaray-a film, is a critique on electoral reforms and governance from the eyes of a child. Works are from independent filmmakers, student and Filipino migrants. (see complete list of selected films below).

The festival opens at the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman Film Center (Cine Adarna) on August 11-12, 2010, 9am to 9pm. Film screenings start at 1pm. Free admission.

The film fest also celebrates the 25th year anniversary showing of Lino Brocka’s Bayan Ko, Kapit sa Patalim. Known worldwide as a Filipino’s entry to the prestigious 1985 Cannes Film Festival and nominated for the Palm D ‘Or, at home it was Brocka and his group’s fight against the censorship of this film. Brocka was incarcerated, lost in litigation but won a fight for freedom of expression when the film was eventually allowed to be shown in the Philippines. Bayan Ko, Kapit sa Patalim will be shown on August 11, 7pm, also at the UP Diliman Film Center.

Also featured are talks on ‘Freedom of Information’ and ‘Media and Human Rights’ on August 11, 9am and August 12, 5pm respectively. Students and participating filmmakers are also invited to attend a visual storytelling/ film grammar workshop by Direk Nick Olanka on August 12, 9am. A visual arts exhibit by the Ugatlahi Artists Collective opens together with the film fest.

The film fest will also be held at Asia Pacific College on August 16 and University of the Philippines Los Banos on August 26. More screenings will be held at urban poor communities and workplaces all over Metro Manila from August to September. Selections from the film fest will also be featured at Focus Philippines: New York Filipino Independent Film Series in New York, USA on October.

The 2nd Pandayang Lino Brocka Political Film and New Media Festival is presented by alternative video group Tudla Productions in cooperation with the University of the Philippines Film Center, the Institute for the Leadership and Advancement of Women and Rotary Club Pasay Gil Puyat.

Selected films:

Ang Sandaling Sadya Nina Lire at Isa, Francis Losaria

Wag Kang Titingin, Pam Miras

Handum, Manie Magbanua

Bingit, Michael Christian Cardoz

Hamon ng Panahon, Kodao Productions

Ing Magdarame, University of Assumption Pampanga

Babae ako, Jeyow Evangelista

Dissatisfied, Jet Leyco

Tagulaylay sa Hacienda Yulo, Rom Factolerin

Mga Liham mula sa Alaska, Roberto Reyes Ang

Kinulayang Kiti, Richard Legaspi

Kibo, Rosswil Hilario

Lawa ng Bae, Donnie Sacueza

Hulagway, Jerry Jumawan

Kakasa ka ba?, Mayday Productions

Kababayang Kalakal, Ilang Ilang Quijano and King Catoy

Badjao, La Consolacion College Manila

Dumagat, Boy Villasanta